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The Making of Australia - News Item

Posted on 9th January 2009

AudioTechnology Magazine - Issue 65

With a $150m budget, a cast featuring a who’s who of Australian actors, and three local post houses getting in on the act, Baz Luhrmann’s film, Australia, is officially the most expensive and biggest Australian film to date. But more money doesn’t necessarily mean more time, as the country’s post-production industry found out – buzzing with Baz and ‘chasing the cut’ every step of the way.

“The real act of making the movie happens when you bring together all those disparate pieces – the film, how you will use music, the sound, how you will structure it and how you will restructure it,” said Luhrmann.

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Australia - The Movie

Posted on 1st January 2009

Pro Audio Asia Magazine - January/February 2009 issue

Australia’s biggest movie to date had the country’s postproduction industry buzzing with Baz and chasing the cut. Stephen Bruel reports on the epic effort of three local post houses.

Like the country, everything about filmmaker Baz Luhrmann’s latest movie – Australia – is big. The Au$150m budget makes itthe most expensive movie ever produced in Australia while the cast features a Who’s Who of Australian actors. Similarly, the number of Sydney-based audio postproduction facilities and staff enlisted, and the range of pro audio equipment used to help the Luhrmann team pull the film together are unprecedented.

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