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The Pilbeam Theatre

Posted on 26th October 2010

CX Magazine Issue 55 October 16 - November 1 2010

Originally opened in 1979, Rockhampton’s Pilbeam Theatre is one of the finest theatres in regional Australia and is the focal point for the performing arts in Central Queensland. Named after the city's long serving Mayor, Rex Pilbeam, who was the driving force behind the push to ensure Rockhampton had a performing arts centre of a high international standard, the Theatre is owned and operated by Rockhampton Regional Council, and offers a diverse range of productions all year round.

When it came time to upgrade the PA system, the Pilbeam Theatre’s Technical Co-ordinator Ross James and Senior Technician (Audio) Matthias Conway were both involved in the process, and with such a solid background in audio and theatre, and mixture of experience and youth, the decision was in safe hands.

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Capturing the Basement Birds

Posted on 7th September 2010

CX Magazine Issue 54 September 1 - October 15 2010

Awash with luscious four-part harmonies, well-structured catchy melodies, alternate time signatures and acoustic instruments, we look at recording the Basement Birds, although I can’t help thinking Basement Byrds may not be a bad name either – now where is that 12 string Rickenbacker?

We talk to audio engineer Andy Lawson on how he captured the the American 1960s folk sound of the band featuring Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans, Jebediah), Steve Parkin and Josh Pyke.

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Southbank Institute of Technology

Posted on 22nd July 2010

CX Magazine Issue 53 July 15 - September 1 2010

With so many education facilities offering ‘real world’ audio production courses, it’s refreshing to find one that delivers training on analogue and digital equipment in a purpose built environment, and the opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience at live gigs and festivals.


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Basement Birds

Posted on 6th July 2010

Rolling Stone Magazine - July 2010

Basement Birds is a new music project featuring Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans, Jebediah), Steve Parkin and Josh Pyke - four of Australia’s most talented and successful songwriters.

Born out of a mutual love of the American 1960s folk sound of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - and alcohol - the project will be released in three song bundles fortnightly on iTunes from June 22nd 2010, in an Australian music industry first.


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Sydney Olympic Park

Posted on 5th July 2010

Pro Audio Asia Magazine - July/August Issue 2010

A major moment in Australia’s proud sporting history, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games was a spectacular of such magnitude rarely experienced before down under. Held at the purpose-built Sydney Olympic Park, the site covers eight square kilometres and had 250,000 visitors per day passing through it at the peak of the Games.

Using the latest MediaMatrix paging technology at the time, ten years on and the complex is still at the forefront of Biamp’s technology, becoming a Beta site for Vocia, a totally distributed paging system without a central routing matrix. This is a world’s first.


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Network Jamming

Posted on 17th May 2010

Pro Audio Asia Magazine - May/June Issue 2010

For the past six years a team of dedicated music educators, software developers, interaction designers and sociologists have been researching Network Jamming, the means to allow people to play music and do video remixing together over the internet in real time.

Based in Brisbane at the Queensland University of Technology is the Australasian Cooperative Research Centre for Interaction Design (ACID). Led by ACID project leader Dr Steve Dillon, the Network Jamming team has developed cutting-edge technology called Jam2Jam; a suite of software applications that are generative and use computer processes to facilitate musical changes based on stylistic algorithms.  

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Mastering the Past

Posted on 17th April 2010

CX Magazine Issue 51 April 15 - June 1 2010

I had a dream.

It was Sydney in the early 90s and my band Ben’s Calf, like a lot of other original bands at the time, rehearsed more often than gigged, played to an ever-diminishing audience in venues further from the cool part of town, and on more and more nights at the wrong end of the week.

We got offered a record contract to a small indie label that went broke, someone slept with someone else’s girlfriend and it was all over.

Is it possible to ‘bring to life’ old budget-conscious analogue recordings; how do you go about doing this; and is it worthwhile if the end result is only going to be an mp3 anyway?

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Curzon Hall installation

Posted on 16th April 2010

CX Magazine Issue 51 April 15 - June 1 2010

Built in 1900, Curzon Hall is still one of Sydney’s grand old sandstone ladies – although she has had a bit of work done recently.

The stately Marsfield mansion recently opened Lady Mary’s Pavilion, a new multipurpose and multi-configurable function centre attached to the original residence via a glass walkway.

Staying true to the 100-year-old façade on the outside, it is the new AV installation and the ability to control the audiovisual, lighting, rigging, video and audio via a wireless touch panel that sets this function centre apart from the rest.

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QPAC $34.7m refurbishment

Posted on 13th April 2010

AV Magazine - Issue 10 April 2010

This year the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) celebrates 25 years of world-class theatre, music, dance and family entertainment.

Opened in 1985, QPAC was built and designed to be Queensland’s cultural hub.

Original architect Robin Gibson designed the centre to be “…a true home which will not only satisfy the demands of the performing arts, but will also demand the contribution of artistic excellence by the performer, the performance and the audience.”

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Northern Beaches Christian School Installation

Posted on 4th February 2010

Worship AVL Asia Magazine - Winter 2010

Sydney-based Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) truly delivers on its mission statement ‘Excellence in Education, Christianity in Action’.

The recent completion of the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL) building, a dedicated research, innovation and development unit, provides students and staff the opportunity to work and learn together under ‘world best’ standards.

The nurturing and support students receive from teaching staff, viewed as a demonstration of God’s love by the School, rounds out nicely the whole learning experience.

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